New Baltimore, MI


Two Stroke Outboard Engine Building

  • Determine cause of failure and repair as needed.
  • Perform complete power-head overhauls at our state of the art facility.
  • If power-heads are damaged beyond repair we replace with the manufactures new or remanufactured power-head.
  • All power-heads are warranted for 1 year or manufactures warranty. (Excluding high-performance products and parts)

Outboard Diagnostics

  • Using latest computer diagnostics on outboards that are applicable
  • Cylinder compression test on all cylinders, leak down test if needed
  • Ignition system component evaluation

Outboard Maintenance

  • Follow manufactures suggested maintenance to include fuel system, oil, filters, belts, spark plugs & all related parts.
  • Set all timing and synchronization procedures, adjust shift and throttle cables as needed.
  • Engines are ran and water tested as needed.
  • Gear-case lube changes

Outboard Gear Case Maintenance and Repair

  • Water pump servicing.
  • Pressure test and check for seal leaks.
  • Major gear case rebuilding done in house.
  • If damaged beyond repair replaced with new or remanufactured gear cases.
  • All gear cases are warranted for 1 year or manufactures warranty. (Excluding high-performance products and parts)

Intervals of Regular Maintenance During Summer Use

  • Oil change with filters, fuel filter, inspection of belts and pulleys.
  • Check for water leaks.
  • Service sea Water pumps.

Inboard Engine Packages

  • Transmission servicing, fluids and filters
  • Major transmission overhauls
  • Prop-shaft, strut and prop repairs

Engine Prep for Spring Maintenance For Seasonal Use

  • Batteries are cleaned, charged and load tested.
  • Complete tune-ups (Which include, on the average, cap rotor, spark plugs, fuel filters, distributor components, etc.)
  • All fluids are checked and toped off.
  • Belts, pulleys and cables are inspected and adjusted.
  • Engines are ran to adjust timing, adjust carburetors and checked for leaks.
  • EFI engines are run with CDS for all final set-ups.

Fuel Systems

  • Carburetor Rebuilds
  • EFI Systems checked and cleaned
  • Systems diagnosed with fuel pressure gauges and necessary equipment.

Stern drives servicing and repair

  • Out-drive service to include removal of drive, check engine alignment, Gimbal bearing and U-joints, change lube.
  • Inspect condition of all boots, gimble ring and transom assembly.
  • Servicing of water-pump on select drives.
  • Major Out Drive rebuilding is done in house. If damaged beyond repair, replace with new or remanufactured gear cases.
  • All Out Drives are warranted for 1 year or manufactures warranty. (Excluding high-performance products and parts)

Transom Service

  • Complete Boot Jobs.
  • Gimbal Ring replacement
  • Complete Transom assembly replacements
  • Using all OEM Parts


  • Wiring and diagnostics
  • Instillation of basic electronics
  • Re-rigs of wiring harness and dashboard components
  • Additional batteries
  • Pumps, blowers, etc.

Winterizing and winter lay-up

  • Engines are fogged to preserve internal engine components from rusting. Completely drain water and flush with non-toxic marine antifreeze.
  • Water systems; completely drained hot water tanks are bypassed and flushed with marine non-toxic antifreeze
  • Heads/AC flushed with non-toxic marine antifreeze
  • Shrink wrapping of boats